15 Maryon Wilson Park, Charlton, London

Maryon Wilson Park was situated on a hill side park overlooking the Charlton Athletic Football Ground. At the top of the park there was grassland and bit of tarmac, but what made it infamous was a descent that ended with a ditch/stream that either you jumped like Brian Curtis, crashed at or you simply had to stop at.

When it rained this ditch would swell with water. I enjoyed the venue but logistics were a bit of a problem nonetheless we held many rounds of the London League there and a National Trophy.

Stuart Kinnon: “I rode my first cross race at Maryon Wilson Park, the V.C. Elan open in 1993. Steve Douce won lapping me 3 times. I rode half the race with my saddle rattling around on a broken seat-post: It’s not an excuse. . .I was crap but I was hooked!”

Adrian Lyons reflects on Brian Curtis’ ability to bunny hop almost anything:  “I remember seeing you do that and thinking ‘I’ll end up on my backside’ so decided against it”

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Stuart Blunt 1998 at the ditch picture courtesy of Stuart Kinnon

Local housing ringed the park picture courtesy of Stuart Kinnon 1998

Brian Curtis ‘flies’ the ditch in 1998 picture courtesy of Stuart Kinnon