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Featured images used as a ‘cover’ for each month since April 2018 when Cyclesport.London became Velo

See also Gallery for lots of pictures from across Velo Klubhaus.

June 2023
May was rather nice and we rode the Kolonnenweg near Gö.

May 2023
In hope that spring has sprung…

April 2023
March was a bit damp, a picture by Josh Schenk making this point clearly.

March 2023
February was a cold month but we were able to turn our pedals happily.

February 2023
Ending a ride at the cafe and looking at our muddy bikes.

January 2023
The mud season took hold in December and we witnessed many days of frigid conditions.

December 2022
Rospuuto, Schlammzeit or For the Love of Mud.

November 2022
October was the warmest since the 1880´s.

October 2022
The sun did shine in September.

September 2022
Cycle rides and the nine Euro train ticket in August.

August 2022
July featured temperatures in the high thirties.

July 2022
Summer days in Gö.

June 2022
Blossom lined the trails in May, and I fell off my bike.

May 2022
April Rides included a number of starts from the Göttingen Velodrome.

April 2022
March was springlike – March Rides

March 2022
The cobbles of Rosdorf by Josh Schenk.

February 2022
A wee bit like the ´Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog´ by Caspar David Friedrich (1818) – January Rides.

January 2022

December 2021
An Autumn sun illuminates the trail below the Gö Stadtwald from Mackenrode to Klein Lengden.

November 2021
Riding into Autumn

October 2021
Welcome to Halle.

September 2021
Gö Strade Bianchi

August 2021
Wild Flowers in Gö

July 2021 (2)
A feeling of summer in Gö.

July 2021 (1)
Pommes mit mayo in Gö.


June 2021
Göttingen Strade Bianche looking toward the city.


May 2021
Berlepsch Castle, Göttingen.


April 2021
The Kopfsteinpflaster Carousel.


March 2021
Eisenbahn Romantik in Göttingen

February 2021
Mud and winter sunshine in Gö

January 1 2021 (2)
Snow fell upon Göttingen with ´Jack Frost Nipping at your Nose´.

January 1 2021 (1)
Winter shadows in Gö

December 2020 (3)
Winter sunshine and a moody sky.

December 2020 (2)
My target is that tree, Time Out in Göttingen.

December 2020 (1)
A short pause on the road

November 2020 (2)
A foggy Riesewarte, Göttingen one of a chain of watchtowers built in the 1400s

November 2020 (1)
The last of Otober

October 2020
Autumn riding along the watchtowers.

September 2020
The last of summer.

August 2020 (2)
I imagined the Strade Bianche racing through the strawberry fields here.

August 2020 (1)
Happy finding new trails and routes.

July 2020
June was a month of wild flowers and rides.

June 2020
March, April and May was a strange time for all, thankfully I was able to ride.

May 2020 (2)
The gravel is turning white.

May 2020 (1)
The new normal in a time of Covid-19

April 2020
Life in a time of Covid-19

March 2020
The Gutingi Strade Bianche

February 2020
I crossed over to the darkside in January fitting gravel tyres to a cross bike – Göttingen Rides

January 2020
From the urban into the sunny landscape – Riding the trails.

December 2019 (2)
Light at the end of the tunnel – Riding the trails.

December 2019 (1)
I love this gravel road, it has an industrial feel about it and this sets a nice Autumnal melancholy tone.

November 2019 (2)
The roads and trails are getting a bit mucky.

November 2019 (1)
Making a trip to buy catfood a wee bit more fun (this and other rides).

October 2019 (2)
A bike, a map and an interest can lead you to all manner of spots, this the abandoned internal Grenz at Schifflersgrund.

October 2019 (1)
My first summer in Germany was filled with great rides with the Goettingen White Roads being prominent.

September 2019
The Deutschland Tour 2019 came to Goettingen in August and hosted the finish of stage two and was the scene for the start of stage 3.

August 2019 (2)
I do wonder at times if I am on an endless training camp.

August 2019 (1)
The now defunct German Internal Border and Duderstadt.

July 2019
I can’t believe how many rides I undertook in June and poppies will always remind me of my first spring in Germany.

June 2019
It’s a small world – For the love of pave 2 (and one)

May 2019
Gravel Bike Goettingen, once a London cyclist and now a Goettingen rider.

April 2019
I am an (cycling) immigrant – Kerstlingeröder Feld gravel ride.

March 2019
Too busy moving house to post a new picture and this view of Richmond Bridge features in ‘Utopian Cycling – Putney Bridge to Hampton Court‘ from 2018.

February 2019
Weekend Warrior, Bread and Butter Hunter.

January 2019
The first ‘cover’ of the year and it is a screen shot from Paris Tours, one of a number of ‘Roubaixesque’ road races featured.

December 2018
International Cyclo Cross 2018/19 – Video, picture and results links.

November 2018 (3)
Dean Downing racing at the first Smithfield Nocturne 2007 – London’s new order.

November 2018 (2)
Hannover Cyclo Cross – the 6. IhmeCross 2018, my first German radcross.

November 2018 (1)
Hannover Cyclo Cross – the 6. IhmeCross 2018, my first German radcross.


October 2018 (2)
Climbing the steps at the Herne Hill, London Cyclo Cross 2018.

October 2018 (1)
Spectators on the top of the ‘Big Bob’ climb at the Herne Hill, London Cyclo Cross 2018.

September 2018 (2)
Crystal Palace Cyclo Cross Reborn – The London and South East Cyclo Cross League returned to a venue lost to us since the 1980’s.

September 2018 (1)
UCI Cyclo Cross races listed for the 2018/19 season. Cyclo Cross races can be colourful affairs and this picture was taken during the 2008 World Championships held at Treviso.

August 2018 (2)
We have featured road races that have an extra edge during the 2018 season – whether it is gravel, cobbles and dirt roads in addition to tarmac.

August 2018 (1)
In 2006 the much loved Eastway Cycle Circuit closed in central London, this is a look back at the road, cyclo cross and pictured here mountain bike racing that was held at the venue.

The first week of 2006 was wet, very wet as was the very first Beastway.

July 2018 (2)
In 2017 we posted a report about Lost Cyclo-Cross Courses in London and the South East of England and this was one of our favourite pictures (from the 70’s).

July 2018 (1)
The Grimstone Oak featured in Epping Forest – Common Land, the story of one of London’s favourite rides.

June 2018 (2)
‘Brixton Beach’ in London featured in South London Murals.

June 2018 (1)
The women’s race overshadowed by the 2012 Olympic Velodrome at the Thunder Crit 3 races.

May 2018 (2)
The gilded gates of Hampton Court Palace, behind the fences are the apartments built by King William and Queen Mary after the ‘Glorious Revolution’ and is featured in Utopian Cycling – Putney Bridge to Hampton Court in Pictures.

May 2018 (1)
The 2008 BEC CC Hill Climb held on White Lane and this picture features in Cycle Pilgrim – North Downs, England. The young man in the foreground encouraging the riders is a future Junior World Cyclo Cross Champion (2018).

April 2018
This picture is of signage at Herne Hill, London the third oldest operating Velodrome in the World built in 1891. Check out Dash for Cash to read more about the history of British velodromes. It is also the feature picture of Three Pimples – North Downs Gravel Fahrradtour.


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