Freddie Frinton Rides

Freddie Frinton Rides are rides which are to paraphrase Freddie,“The same procedure as last time” from Dinner For One, a cult German film shown each New Year.

These are a few rides that are undertaken regularly and this includes Freddie Frinton Ride One featured here.

As High as An Elephants Eye 2 – August 12 2020 Road/Gravel Ride

In the time I was forced to stay off my bike farm trails and roads which once offered clear views across the landscape now travel through canyons of tall corn crops as ´High as an Elephants Eye´ (Oklahoma) reaching a point of harvest.

I rode my road/gravel bike so I could mash together known gravel sections (Some in reverse) with the road and this allowed me to push out the distance a little more than a few days ago where I managed 20 kilometres (See below) and today 48km.

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In a German Forest – August 10 2020 Gravel/CX Ride

My first ride in August having taken an enforced rest from the bike. I was under instructions to take it easy and so I limited myself to 20 kilometres of playing in the forest.

I am grateful to be back on the bike and my heart goes out to all who cannot pedal as I did this evening.

I am also blessed to live so close to a forest where the temperature is so much cooler away from the baking sunshine. I had to take my sunglasses off when in the dark amongst the trees (German forests are eerie).

My evening closed watching the sunset and to see a blood red sun.

(Not strictly a FF ride but it was ridden over trails well used by me)

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Café Society – July 19 2020 Gravel/Road Ride

We started late and cut out quite a chunk of route to get to the Spinnerai Café in time to meet Craig and Lilja.

Here we ate cake and greeted many a friendly face such as Frauke and Ralk. (I was pleased that they understand my Freddy Frinton references)

What some Sundays are made for.


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A Hedge! – July 18 2020 Road Ride

This route has become a ´Freddie Frinton*´ one for me, it would seem to be my go-to when I just want to do a road ride on a known course.

From the saddle I noted that Sunflowers are out and on route I saw a rare thing – a hedge lined road.

(*Freddie Frinton being an icon of German comedy with his performance in Dinner for One and where he follows the same procedures as last time)


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Kuchen Gut/Cycling Gut – June 28 2020 Road Ride

I was glad to spin my pedals after Saturday´s solo tough ride and what better goal for a road or any ride than to consume cake and iced chocolate.

The Spinnerei Gartetal e.V. is one of the last vestiges of the once important trade in wool that Göttingen was famous for before cheap imports from the USA and Britain wiped it out. Most of the nearby forests were planted at the end of the 19th century after the many sheep that once grazed there were removed.

The café is open each Sunday in the summer months from 1-6. (Sadly, the mill is currently closed).


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Fahrstil Lunch – December 12 2019 Road Ride

A quick lunchtime road ride with Gunnar Fehlau and pedalling with ´riding style´ – (Fahrstil – das Radkulturmagazin).

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Freddie Frinton 2 – November 12 2019 Road Ride

We all had a tough ride at the weekend so we didn´t push hard on this ´same procedure as last time´ lunchtime ride. Having braved a strong cold wind, we were rewarded with some sunshine.

On route and as near as we got to the old internal border we stopped and Andrea surprised Gunnar Fehlau by giving him a few pieces of the Berlin Wall which she and her mother had collected in 1989.

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Tip of the Iceberg – November 10 2019 Road Ride

Andrea did comment about the state of my bike from my ride the previous day.

Once we had established that it is best etiquette to ride with a clean bike, we took in a 30km road only spin.

It was cold! The coldest I have felt so far since I moved to Germany and that includes our ride in the forest in April when it snowed. I guess the temperature now is just the tip of the iceberg because it will no doubt be even colder at some point and I will have to take steps!

So much of the colour had been drained away at this time although there was a field of purple wild-flowers, which would be nice to know what they are.

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New road – November 7 2019 Road Ride

Gunnar Fehlau as part of our lunchtime road ride took us down a great new road, which now links nicely to other routes I have in my locker.

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