Road Race Gravel & Pave Reports 2020

Results, video and picture links from cycle road races held in 2020 which feature gravel, pave and dirt.

Road races that have in common a touch of the ‘Roubaixesque’ about them.

I am now based in Germany and so sadly I cannot say that all the video links can be viewed in other countries or will survive review by the geo-restriction or TV rights ‘police’. You can use a VPN service should you be denied access.

A full list of races featured in 2019 is here and a look ahead through 2020 is here

Main picture is a screen shot from the Gravel and Tar held on January 25, 2020.

Last Race – Tar and Gravel January 25 (See below) – Next Race –  44th Vuelta de Mendoza – February 15/23 – Information.

2020 Preview/Information
2019 Results, video and pictures
2018 Results, video and pictures
Roubaixesque (finding time in London to live the dream)
Dengie Tour (such a cool UK race, alas no longer held)

Gravel and Tar: January 25, 2020
UCI women and men´s races held in the Manawatu Region of New Zealand this UCI race included five gravel sectors making up approximately 40km of the 100km plus races.

Video (Sadly too much tar shown)
Women highlights:
Men highlights:
Men report: (loud music)

Small gallery:

Feilding – Palmerston North (115km)
1 Niamh Fisher-Black (NZl) Nationalmannschaft Neuseeland 3:28:57
2 Samara Sheppard (NZl) Nationalmannschaft Neuseeland 0:00:28
3 Ella Bloor (Aus) Green Monkey 0:01:51
17 Molly Patch (GBr) Green Monkey 0:14:01
OTL Genevieve Whitson (GBr) Velofit
OTL Bethan Stubbs (GBr) Velo Project

Feilding – Palmerston North (133km)
1 Hayden McCormick (NZl) Black Spoke Pro Cycling Academy 3:27:32
2 Luke Mudgway (NZl) Black Spoke Pro Cycling Academy 0:03:23
3 Samuel Volkers (Aus) Memil Pro Cycling 0:03:23
OTL Siméon Green (GBr) EuroCyclingTrips – CMI Pro Cycling
DNF Sam Gardner (GBr) Tank Guy/Bike Box

2019 Women
Team video:…

2019 Men
TV Highlights:…
Men finish video:
Men race blog:

2018 Men Video:
2018 Men Video:


Santos Tour Down Under Women´s Race – Stage 3: January 16 2020

Stage three of the Santos Tour Down Under Women´s Race from Nairne to Stirling featured one kilometre of gravel.

Not a long stretch of gravel but enough to split the bunch.

Live: (at 15mins)
Live: (at 15mins)


1 Ruth Winder (USA) Trek – Segafredo 2:51:16
2 Liane Lippert (GER) Team Sunweb 0:00:00
3 Lauren Stephens (USA) Team Tibco – Silicon Valley Bank 0:00:00
33 Anna Henderson (GBr) Team Sunweb 0:00:55
45 Tanja Erath (GER) Canyon//Sram Racing 0:10:10
46 Hannah Ludwig (GER) Canyon//Sram Racing 0:10:10
56 Trixi Worrack (GER) Trek – Segafredo 0:10:26
77 Pfeiffer Georgi (GBr) Team Sunweb 0:14:25


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