Gravel Bike Goettingen

I am an ex-London cyclist and now a Goettingen rider – I have a fondness for cyclo cross and gravel cycling. This webpage is about my German gravel, naturweg, Panzer Weg and road rides.

This, I guess will be a narrative of sorts of my cycle life in my newly adopted home country.

I would love to hear from you and if you don’t mind helping me with my German we might go out for a ride – I need to learn the routes!

I sat on a bench at Kerstlingeröderfeld and thought….
Peace Dividend Fahrradtour – Zieten Barracks – Kerstlingeröderfeld.
Road Race Gravel & Pave Video/Results 2019.
My mantra is be more ‘Roubaixesque’.
All Gravel content/inhalt.

Friedland – June 15 Ride 2019

A short ride from my new home town is a place that played an amazing part in post-World War Two life… More words and pictures.

Der Internal Grenze – June 2 2019

A ride to the now defunct Internal Border and where I got thinking… More words and pictures.

End of May Ride – May 31 2019

I began May with a bike ride and ended it with another; in fact I rode quite a lot in this spring month. This ride was almost a tale of two bikes… More words and pictures.

Best Intentions – May 29 2019

Despite my best intentions to go for a road ride I ended up including gravel and cobbles… More words and pictures.

German forest Waldweg tight

There is ‘London tight’ and there is ‘Roubaix tight’, now there is German forest tight… More words and pictures.

All along the watchtowers 2 – May 6 2019 ride

With my favourite Jimi Hendrix song in my head I got a little carried away… More words and pictures.

Kolonweg and Kopfsteinpflaster, mit cakes – May 5 2019

40 kms of rough stuff, kolonweg and kopfsteinpflaster, mit cakes… More words and pictures.

Mayday Ride – May 1, 2019

Mayday is a public holiday in Germany and like most public holidays and Sundays retail life slows almost to a halt and it all seems a bit old fashioned compared to the 24/7 shopping fuelled frenzied lifestyles which seem the norm in the UK… More words and pictures.

High and Low Ride – April 27 2019

Where I go mad on a road bike…and I win Paris Roubaix… More words and pictures.

Freedom to roam – the Kopfsteinpflaster Carrousel – April 21 2019

Germany seems more accessible with farm roads and forests open more than I am used to… More words and pictures.

Gunnar’s Lunch Time Spring Classics Ride – April 16 2019

Today’s midweek ride with Gunnar Fehlau seemed to pay homage to the Spring Classics… More words and pictures.

Into the German forest with David – April 12 2019

Light snow had been falling all day on Tag 21 on the German Haus, nonetheless David led us into the forest for an evening ride – we did feel a wee bit like Hansel and Gretel… More words and pictures.

Gunnar’s Lunch Time Gravel/Tarmac Ride or Am I daft enough to drop onto the 11 cog? – April 10 2019

Its day 19 in the German Haus and kitty sniffs my shirt contemptuously post ride – ‘what another ride’, he seems to be saying… More words and pictures.

All along the watchtower to the bahn – April 8 2019

A 14 KM ride in 43 minutes early evening (6pm) saw me skip down the ‘Tilly Berg’ through housing and quickly onto the gravel paths that took me along the ‘watch towers’… More words and pictures.

Gunnar’s Lunch Time ‘Spinnerei’ Gravel/Tarmac Ride – April 3 2019

With time a little tight this day our ride with Gunnar Fehlau included more tarmac than normal, but it was good tarmac and mostly traffic free… More words and pictures.

Zieten Barracks – Kerstlingeröderfeld, beer and pretzel ride – March 31 2019

Inspired by the Gent Wevelgem women’s bike race we popped out for an hour… More words and pictures.

Gunnar’s Lunch Time Gravel Ride – March 28 2019

Picture by Gunnar Fehlau

Lunch time gravel ride with Gunnar Fehlau und Andrea Hofling, so gut… More words and pictures.

Zieten Barracks – Kerstlingeröderfeld – March 26 2019

With so few miles in my legs in recent months this ride felt tough especially on the cobbled climb through what were the Zieten Barracks and then the abandoned Panzer Weg up to Kerstlingeröderfeld. Once a place where Chieftains and Leopards roamed… More words and pictures.

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